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Many people ask me how my facepainting business started.  I always knew I loved art and working with children, so it worked out perfectly how I discovered combining my two passions.  In 2003, I was at my niece's birthday party and she received a gift of a small facepainting kit.  I thought it was the coolest present and offered to paint the kids at the party because I thought it would be fun.  I did some pretty nice designs and one of the parents jokingly said to me "you should be a professional facepainter".  Well, that just sunk in.  When I went home that night, I was thinking about how much fun it was to paint on the kids and what that parent said.  I then went on the computer and googled "how to start a facepainting business".  I took little bits and pieces of advice from different websites, bought a kit and supplies and started to practice by going to my local Friendly's and painting the kids for free.  Once I became more confident in my skills, I decided to try to make it a business and came up with the name The Happy Face Painter (because I always loved the smiley face logo!) and I made some business cards.  Before I knew it, I was getting hired to facepaint at birthday parties and it really has grown at a steady pace since I started.  When I first started facepainting, I was also working full time in finance for an international media group and in 2017, I was laid off after working there for 25 years.  Instead of viewing the layoff as a negative thing in my life, I spun it into a positive and used the time off to really focus and spend time on building my facepainting business by regularly practicing, training and attending facepainting conferences.  I've taken classes taught by some of the best facepainters in the world and incorporate a combination of bits and pieces of all of their skills into my painting style and my business.

I am so thankful that my hard work has paid off and my business has grown considerably.  I never gave up on facepainting and now have a team of talented and experienced artists who share my same passion for children and art.  My team and I work together and strive to provide the best facepainting in our area.  It is our goal at every event, no matter how small or large, to give our clients and their guests the best facepainting experience they ever had and to create smiles and wonderful memories for years to come.

What started as just a hobby and part-time job for me has grown to a full-time business, and I owe so many thanks to my wonderful clients who believed in me and have hired me back to their events, year after year.  I so appreciate you.

Christine Gloster

Owner and Principal Artist

The Happy Face Painter​