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The Happy Face Painter

Henna is all the rage now and loved by tweens, teens, adults and yoga fans.  Henna is a natural and painless way to get a beautiful temporary tattoo that will last for weeks.  It's completely organic, made from dried ground leaves and natural oils.  Get a design done before your next beach vacation!


Pre-natal belly painting is very popular at baby showers and also makes a great shower gift.  Designs can be catered to boy or girl designs...whatever your imagination desires.

Pre-Natal (Belly) Painting

Glitter tattoos are popular with children and adults.  We offer plenty of designs that appeal to all.  Glitter tats last up to 2 weeks with careful after-care.  We use body-safe glue and they can be removed with baby oil and a washcloth. 


In 1 hour, our team of artists can paint 15 full face designs.  All our face paints are FDA compliant, hypo-allergenic and easily removed with soap & water.


The designs will not smudge or come off in water or from sweat.  They are great at pool parties.  Waterproof paints can be removed by applying liquid soap in a circular motion.