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The Happy Face Painter

Special safety notes:
The Happy Face Painter reserves the right not to face paint a child with open sores, severe acne, lice or any other evident skin condition that could contaminate the cleanliness and safety of our paints, brushes and sponges.  We go to a lot of effort and expense to keep our products as clean as possible for you.

The Happy Face Painter will not face paint a child who is reluctant to be face painted.  If a child is crying and upset when they sit in my chair, they just are not ready for a face painting experience and I do not want to make it a traumatic experience for them.Although it is highly unlikely, The Happy Face Painter is not responsible for any skin reactions to our products.  If your child has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, it is not worth taking a risk to harm the child by painting them, no matter how much they want to be painted.  Some painters will do a "patch test", but this can still cause a skin reaction on your child.  It is better to be safe than sorry, so thank you for understanding if I decide I must decline painting your child - it is for the best interest of your child and my business. 

The Happy Face Painter uses face paints manufactured by:

  • Wolfe Brothers/FX
  • Paradise
  • Tag
  • Global Body Art
  • Silly Farm

The Happy Face Painter cares about safety as much as you do!  We use strict hygienic practices and are very safety conscious.

The Happy Face Painter carries public liability insurance and certificates can be provided upon request.  We use a strict practice of hygiene and sanitation in accordance with government health regulations.  All our products are FDA compliant and recognized as non-toxic, cosmetic-grade and hypo-allergenic.