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​​Glitter tattoos are always attract a big crowd of children and adults at parties and events.  We have over 100 designs to pick from that appeal to boys, girls, teens and tweens of all ages and offer almost 50 colors of glitter.  Glitter tats are also waterproof and will last up to 7 days with careful aftercare.

Pre-Natal (Belly) Painting


​Facepainting is the most popular form of entertainment we offer.   We specialize in a wide range of designs and use only the highest quality products.  Your guests can be transformed into whatever they'd like to be: a sparkly princess, super hero, zombie, jungle tiger, sugar skull, a horned monster and so many more!

At an average 1 hour party, we normally paint 12-15 faces per hour, however, if you need many faces done in a short period of time, give us a call and we can discuss the speed painting option.

We also have waterproof paints for the summer months and encourage their use for pool parties or parties that have bounce houses on a warm day.



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Pre-natal belly painting is becoming very popular!  It is a great baby shower gift and can be done before a photo shoot or even as a gender reveal.  Your design can be as unique as you are and we will work with you to make it your own and send you a rough draft prior to the appointment.  To book a pre-natal appointment, please click here 


These beautiful handmade reusable creations come in a variety of styles to match any design.  Your guests will feel like royalty wearing one of these 3D sparkly gem clusters that will just complete their painted design.

Henna is a natural way to get a beautiful temporary tattoo that will last for weeks.  We only use 100% organic henna that smells soothing thanks to the lavender and/or eucalyptus oil we add to the henna powder.  It is a relaxing experience to have henna done and makes the room smell wonderful!  Henna is also popular at girl birthday parties who are in the 8-14 year old range.  We have plenty of beautiful designs to pick from.  Henna is also popular to get before a beach vacation!  Private appointments accepted and you can book your appointment here